Long term sustainability has been one of the many challenges faced by most institutions now-a-days. The focus on how to innovate varied sources of income to address to the global challenges has been a major concern. Things have evolved and what used to work before is now on the limelight of its threshold knowing that certain problems in sustainability has not been resolved. Each institution is looking for more creative strategies without affecting the nature of ones desired sen/ices because the mission is still valued. The AUGUSTINIAN SISTERS OF OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION Philanthropic Development Office is the basic unit of the sustainable ecosystem we aim to create to professionalize the donor —donee relations. With our varied advocacies in the mission where its programs can impact and make a difference to the community, this office aims:

1. To establish a continuing, systematic, and long-term program for generating funds that will be used solely for the development of the institution.

2. To organize and establish a community-based fund raising program to tap sources of funds from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other sources in the institution's areas of influence.

3. To develop strong voluntary support programs to support the institution financially and to make it more a part of its community.

4. To provide opportunities for people, foundations and organizations to participate in the joy of giving and sharing.

5. To consolidate all funding efforts in order to ensure a professional relationship with donors thus preventing donorfatigue.

6. To institutionalize the brand of philanthropic donor —donee relations.

We may be after the short term goal of bringing in funds quickly, but we should not forget that the long term gain is what makes the foundation of the system sustainable. This journey is not for the faint of heart; it is for the true of heart. Because the journey we are embarking on is not a one-shot quick fix, it is a sustainable, transformative and developmental one. Each discovery of meaning and understanding asks for even greater depths in meaning and understanding in order to ensure that the targets are being met.

Measures of a Successful Set up of the PPDO:

1.The PDO office will be able to establish the system/process flow of donor — donee relations from database, communications, marketing, administration and finance.

2. Sustainable PDO where campaign and overhead expenses are sustained and funding for the varied advocacies are met.

3. The Advocacies are shared throughout the community with its impact to the beneficiaries monitored in progress. This will have to involve the orientation of the entire institution about how the PDO plays a role and the collaboration ofthe members oftheinstitution involved in the process.

4. Donor — Donee Relations are professionalized, thus, resulting to the impact ofgrowing number of supporters.

5. The mission of the organization will be sustained for its direction and commitment towards making a significant impact to the community and society at large.

What does love look like? It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of persons. That is .what love looks like.* St. Augustine*

Our Inspiration

Board of Trustees

* Sr. Eden Gicana, OSA
* Sr. Wilma Miralles, OSA
* Sr. Ma. Luz Mijares, OSA
* Sr. Odessa Estor, OSA
* Sr. Jocelyn Widwid, OSA
* Sr. Grace Dolino, OSA

PDO Staff

* Sr. Flolyn Catungal, OSA
* Norma Lauron
* Maria Ruby Amor Abuan


* Belinda Ng
* Perpetua Benedicto
* Elizabeth Yap

Be God's Compassion and Consolation!